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What would you say if I told you, you can now download wii games online? These days it is now a lot more convenient and practical to be able to download your wii games online and transfer to DVD through the power of the internet.

By using My Wii Downloads and their guide you can literally download and play your wii games for free. My Wii Downloads stands superior over the rest, I assure you there is no other site that's better. "Unlimited Wii Downloads,Games, Movies, Music, and more. No Pay-Per-Download Fees, Full-Speed Downloads, No Limits!"

I wrote this review to help you avoid the awful headaches I got, and the money I lost on my journey towards downloading my wii games. Let me start by telling you, do not trust just any site that offers free Nintendo Wii downloads. I made that mistake and paid the consequences. I am all happy go lucky to download my free wii game just to realize a few minutes later my computer is infected with a virus and my system crashes. I then have to end up spending more than the cost of a wii game just to fix it. Another problem was all the spyware that was put on my computer which made it slow down to a screeching halt.

Then you have the sites that have advertisement after advertisement and annoying pop-up after annoying pop-up. After getting through all that you finally get to the download and have to leave your high-speed connection on overnight, like how you had to when you use to use dial-up.

After you download wii games from My Wii Downloads, the games do need to be transferred to DVD for playback on the console. This is a simple process (think Burning a CD) however you should have access to a DVD burner in order to ultimately be able to play these games.

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Written By: John Flemming

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