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If you have been looking to automate the everyday task of marketing online, or if your into more black hat tools such as spam bots, then this is what you have been waiting for. with Ubot you can easily create and make your own homemade bots. We found this article while in search of an honest opion on the new Ubot studio software.

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My fair & honest Review of Ubot

If you have not heard about UBot by now you will still be spending a fortune on superseded software. Yes, the truth is most marketing software doesn't get released to the public til right before they become worthless. Do you truthfully think the new Twitter bot, or the new Youtube promoter is actually new at all?

the answer is no, and the truth is many programmers that build these types of software are also internet marketers looking at getting ahead. So in all fact it wouldn't make much sense for them to supply these automated bots til they have used and abused them.

Now to be honest i am no veteran to IM, and I will hardly call my self a'programmer'. But I can and do build some terribly effective automatic robots which make me money 100% on auto pilot. I do this by employing the UBot Bot Creation Software, and the software is totally amazing!

Now I know many of us reading this right now know the web and the hustle associated with it. But seriously, if you've ever been even remotely curious about creating your own automatic robots, UBot is the best way to do it. I myself was sitting there wondering a similar thing,'Does UBot truly Work, or Is It a Scam?' and honestly together with Tube Increaser, and Xrumer, it's the best investment I ever made on a software.

I've been able to create automatic bots in about 30 minutes, that can log into an account, post my message, and then log out solely to repeat it again. Man I am telling you this thing is so straightforward to use, that you'll be making, selling, and even giving away automated bots for rep points. Somebody really sent me a PM on the warrior forum and asked if UBot has the capability to design an automated robot as sophisticated as Senuke, and here is the exact message I sent back.

'Well dude i have used Senuke and I don't really see why everyone thinks that it is so great. I made my bot following the same structure as Areeb and the Senuke team did. The only difference is I use sites that perform better.

almost all of the social networks and bookmarking sites that Senuke uses don't help in boosting S.E.O. But yes, to respond to your question it can create automated robots even more effective then Senuke. Just bear in mind that it will take you a little time to develop an automated robot to perform all of the task as Senuke does.'

The message went on to clarify why I personally will never again pay for a subscription on a software that I can create myself. Also I am not attempting to talk bad about Senuke, it's a cool S.E.O tool to use if you don't have the wherewithal to make your own. I know some of you have used Senuke and know precisely what I am talking about when I say most of the sites they use are pointless.

Anyhow back to my private review on the Ubot Software

UBot offers features that are a must for developing your own automated robots. So I'll list some of the ones I think are the most vital and why.

Proxies and Clearing Cookies :

substitute flipping and clearing browser cookies should be imperative in all of your automatic bots, and if you do not use these features your robots will never achieve what you had hoped it to be.

working with Captchas :

Captchas drive every one of us mad, and when you have to do it for multiple sites it makes you would like to tear your hair out. Well Ubot also has a feature that enables you to implement decaptcher into your automatic robots. Now what this does is employ a third party site to handle and solve all of your captchas for you. Pretty sweet, huh?

Now if you don't wish to use decaptcher, or if you'd like the user to have the choice you may pop captchas and have them enter them in by hand. But most of the automated robots Icreate and sell need both, because my clients like to automate anything and everything!

Compiling Bots into an exe :

Thats right, you can actually compile all of your automatic bots into a straightforward exe file. Not only that but UBot doesn't make you buy an additional license to sell or distribute your created bots. This is great news if you're looking to make cash like I do off making automatic robots.

Hint : I used to go on freelancer sites before I built up my clientele, and since UBot makes it so simple to develop bots, I would offer my services 50% less then anyone else. Are you able to say cha-ching!!!

I know longer do this though, I now have other projects going. But it just a thought if your looking to profit off of some of your bots you create.

Conditional Statements :

Imacro lovers this is what you are missing when making your straightforward browser automated bots in firefox. Without conditional statements your bot can't decide a different action to take. So, why is this so important?

Say you have made a bot that submits your links to bookmarking sites, but only infrequently that site makes a decision to pop a captcha on you, well Imacros would not be able to handle this unless you have another programming language controlling it. So you would basically have to understand two programming languages simply to be able to make your bot perform this task.

While if you was using Ubot you would have recently had this problem solved and done with.

My final Thoughts You Decide :

Well I expressed my thoughts honestly and I laid it out for everyone to see, and to take from it as they may. If you continue to have worries about Ubot and the wonderful features that come along with it, I say sorry for not explaining it better. Because this software has positively changed how I now pitch my web sites, videos, and services on the internet.

all I am able to say is take the likelihood, and if your not cheerful you can get a full refund within 30 days. As a Web marketer myself I guarantee you this is a genuine a genuine product, one that you are going to not regret purchasing and continue to use on a regular basis. Just don't forget to use the discount code posted here in this post. It will ensure that you receive the lowest price available for the complete Ubot Creation package.

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Written By: Tom Howard

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