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 "IMDB to WORDPRESS is a desktop application that can post movies and tv shows on blogger and wordpress blogs. The software is fully automated and has a ton of great features that many people looking to build these type of sites would want in a movie automator."

What is a Movie Automator?

The IMDB to Wordpress is a software that can be used scrape the Internet Movie Database for movies, tv shows and even other kinds of entertainment. Once the content has been scraped and gathered it can then be used to build your own website, completely automated!

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When Gogetta ( Pro UBot Developer) approached me and asked if I would review and test his software I was actually working on a new movie review site. I told him sure I would test it as long as I can keep it afterward, so he agreed...
One key feature I found I liked while reviewing the IMDB to Wordpress software is that I could create my body templates so that the post would look exactly how I wanted it to. The content can be used to build websites that can earn money with a cpa gatewaya, movie membership sites, and many other possibilities is open when creating blogs like these.

I would honestly say the software is great, and should be used by those in the movie niche looking to automate their postings of movies and tv shows. Approved By: Michell Smithz

A Sample Post Using IMDB to WordPress Software

This sample  was created using the IMDB to WordPress software.

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